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Stella’s so proud she proved to her Master how well she can please his long and thick meat. This session he wanted to test how well her pussy could take his dick versus the Sybian he had her sit on for, well, not too sure how long it was. He wanted to see inside her pussy, gaping her open as wide as possible with his cock, opening it wide. He knows how to make her orgasm over and over.

Kayleigh’s not sure how she survived her last session with her new Master. His slave training is very strenuous. This time he inserted his dick right back in her throat, going as deep as he could. When he was tired of her mouth, he threw her up on a crate and let her feel his dick deep up her pussy, opening it up for a snug fit. He’s so rough, grabbing the sides of her mouth tight to fuck her hard and fast. He wanted to cum this time so he wasn’t going to quit until he did.

We’re excited to share this video, another great domination clip with sexy cougar Dani Dare. She’s addicted to her Master’s long and thick cock pounding her fuck holes rough and deep. This time around Dani must endure more constant orgasms. Why not start it off with the infamous Sybian fucking machine? The vibration it gives has made many models squirt, especially in our BDSM scenarios. She’s kept on her knees with chains and cuffs around her wrists and ankles, her tasty clit waiting on the flesh pad.

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6 months ago

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