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Sheena woke up on the bare bed again with her wrists tied behind her back. Luckily her legs were free but her Master came in before she could get away. No matter how much trash she talks to him, he punishes her, slaps her around, smears her spit all over her face and torments her with his rock hard boner. She loves being manhandled, covered in spit and pussy and mouth sore from so much cock.

Dillion woke up on the bare bed again, her wrists tied behind her back with tight leather cuffs. Her legs were restrained as well. She wasn’t going anywhere. Master came in. Hearing him approach got her pussy so wet. She was excited to take his cock, prove that she’s a good slave and needs no further training.

Fetish Network introduces Dani Dare. She’s traveled the world and has had some great times but we’re sure her experience in our dungeon will top the rest. She seems like a natural submissive and obedient sex slave. She loves being slapped and spanked, gagged and fucked roughly, deep and hard down her throat and pussy. We definitely have everything Dani wants.

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6 months ago

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