Sexual Disgrace 10

He found me! I thought I’d lose him for sure. He left me in his lair again, arms tied tight behind me, a potato sack over my head. I couldn’t see anything. I only realized he was in the room when he pulled the sack off. He immediately pulled me onto his filthy couch and shoved his dick down my throat. Every time I pulled away for air, he pushed my head back down, sliding his huge dick as deep as he could down my throat.

The submissive and obedient sex slave Nikki Bell hasn’t left the dungeon yet. She’s actually prepped for some more bondage and domination fun. Her Master thinks she needs more training and disgrace. He makes her love being slapped and spanked, gagged and fucked roughly, deep and hard down her throat and pussy.

We’ve found another curious hot young thing who definitely loves sex of all kinds. She’s done some BDSM play yet not at the level we offer here at Sexual Disgrace. We definitely want to see if she can endure her own disgrace. Fetish Network presents Zoey Foxx.

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