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“Internet porn” is sexually explicit content, of all types, made available online in various formats. Porn can be images, movies, cartoons, game, chats, cams and much more.

The legitimacy and worth of pornography is a controversial issue. In the corporate world, however, Internet porn is unquestionably problematic. According to M. J. McMahon, publisher of AVN magazine, a trade publication that tracks the adult video industry, porn sites receive more hits during business hours than at other times of the day. Nielsen reported that 25% of employees access porn during business hours. WOW! Workers do keep busy it seems!

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Employees surfing porn or playing Game SITES wastes corporate resources and lowers productivity. Furthermore, the business may be legally responsible for illicit acts on the part of the employee, such as distributing child pornography or sending pornographic content – perhaps in an email message with a corporate signature — to someone who doesn’t want to receive it. Because porn sites are known sources of viruses, spyware and adware, they also pose a security risk to users’ computers and the corporate network. Employers can spend big dollars keeping systems working properly after an employee infects the employers system. Finding quality porn sites is a job all in itself for people wanting porn. Many sites are filled with spam, ads and worse. Be careful, go to trusted sites like we have found within this site.

Many organizations use Web monitoring software to track employees’ online activity. Such software usually monitors Web site visits, email, IM, chat and searches in internal applications. It may also include a keylogger, to track what employees type. Email image monitoring programs can identify and block pornographic images, SITES, Game sites. Content You Want! . Monitoring software typically issues reports in the event of any breach of an organization’s acceptable use policy (AUP), identifying the employee and details of the activity.

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The easy and usually free access to online porn and Game SITES in combination with user anonymity, can lead to obsessive use. Obsessive use of Internet porn, online gaming and communication (which includes social media, email and instant messaging) are the three main variants of Internet addiction disorder (IAD), which is under review for inclusion in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). Porn can be additive and many people have lost jobs, family and more spending hours and hours on porn and not real life.  Browse safely and remember… It’s Only Porn! …. Not Real Life!!!

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