Domination Around The House

Tablescapes: Gab truly appreciates a well set table and one of the most important attributes is the center piece. “A properly chosen and placed center piece, dictates the mood of your dinner”, he was once quoted in a very prestigious magazine. If only people knew…

The Pleasure of Punishments: Tied, spread eagle to the bed and blindfolded… Master sits back and just watches her, like a lion watching his prey. Lily’s mind starts to wander. She remembers other days, days filled with agony, passion and pleasure. Master waits, waits for the perfect time, because timing really is everything. The longer he waits, the deeper Lily’s mind goes.

Domination Around The House: Lance has spent hours trying to find the best place to tie up his girl. Finally, he finds the perfect spot. There is nothing more romantic, and candaulistic, as being tied to a chair with your legs spread wide for everyone to see. Sadie is a little apprehensive at first, but it’s not long before she has Lance’s cock deep down her throat and wanting more of his attention.

Home Bound: Gemma and Ric had only dabbled in bondage in the past, but today they wanted it take it in a more serious direction. Tied to furniture and splayed out on the floor, Ric enjoys delivering an intensely pleasurable experience, especially the part where Gemma begs to cum.

Springtime for Wasteland: We find Master Blackthorne enjoying a beautiful spring day on his breezy and comfortable three-season porch. As he sits back and reads the latest news on his tablet, while sipping some water, we realize he’s not alone. Jade needs to learn that she is there for only one reason, for the pleasure of her Master. Defiant as always, she has sorely misjudged the situation and now must pay the price.

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